Most parents, when asked, want to leave their children equal amounts. Luckily, in most situations, this works out just fine.

  • But what happens when parents have been estranged from one or more of their children for years and there seems to be no possibility for reconciliation?
  • What if you are being cared for (physically and/or financially) by one of your children while the others contribute little or nothing to your care?
  • Or, over your lifetime, what if you build a family business that you are planning to leave to one or more children because they have helped you grow that business? Is it fair to make another child (who has perhaps been off climbing Mount Everest) a part owner too?

As you can see, “equal” and “fair” may not be the same thing.
The purpose of mentioning this here is simply to tell you just that: Equal is not necessarily fair and fair is not necessarily equal.

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When Equal is not Fair

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